Joshua Gomez

The Challenge of Accessibility 

BiteSight is an iOS app prototype coming to the app store soon, that aims to save lives one scan at a time. Shop, Scan ingredients & Go with ease of mind. Tailored to aid in the struggles of users with visual impairments. I am the Lead Designer and the Front-end Developer. 

The Problem and Solution

People with visual impairments that have allergies/ preferences in their dietary needs are extremely limited in their everyday lives. We plan to change that to allow users with visual impairments to be able to scan ingredient labels through live video with haptic feedback and screen reader support, including user customized food preference list to make the process as streamlined as possible, allowing the user to be safe, healthy, and independent.

"This app is amazing, from the design to the idea. It will potentially save so many lives."

Catera Colvin, Design Mentor, Apple Developer Academy

Download Beta

App Beta

I encourage anyone interested to check out me and my teams beta! We are so close to being able to push it to the store.

All feedback is greatly appreciated, hope you enjoy!

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